Classified Ads

There is a huge market for previously owned and second hand scuba diving equipment. So if you have some good gear that is too small or no longer used, there’s a high probability that there is a buyer looking right now. Maybe you have upgraded your dive computer or grown out of a wetsuit? If so, you are more than welcome to sell your second hand and previously owned scuba gear items here with no fee or charge.

How It Works

You simply create your advert, completing your name and contact details together with uploading images, description and price for the items for sale. Any visitor is a potential buyer, so make sure you explain what the item is, what it does, how old is it, why you no longer require the item and why is it for sale. Include any pictures that will display the item in it’s present condition. The more information you present, the less questions and faster you will sell. It is recommended that you do not use manufacturer stock photography.

Once you have created your advert, you can copy your advert webpage address and share to your Facebook profile by example, Twitter or your club email list. There is no charge made for selling your used scuba gear. You can edit and manage your advert and don’t forget to delete it when it is sold.

Items For Sale


For the avoidance of doubt, the buying and selling of goods is a contractual agreement between the buyer and seller. We at Surface Interval are simply the facilitator of the sale and as such, recommend that both buyer and seller conduct the transaction in secure manner. Buyers should be aware that they have limited rights when buying second hand and sellers should be aware of quasi personas. We recommend that the buyer and seller should meet for the sale and purchase transaction. Not only will this facilitate the transaction in a positive manner, you may even meet a new buddy. If you cannot meet then we suggest expensive items should be paid with via an Escrow service or secure payment provider like PayPal. The seller should send the item with a signature required service.