Ghost Net Danger To Divers Reported

Steve Johnson of Channel Divers has posted on Social Media in respect of a discarded trawler net on the SS Duke of Buccleugh that could be a hazard to fellow divers. At some 50 metres to the top of the wreck, divers can appreciate the severity of the problem.

Two great days diving RMS Moldavia 15+ mtrs viz and the Duke of Buccleugh with 10+ mtrs viz. However there is now the mother off all Trawl Nets stuck fast on the Duke, it covers from the North end (Stern) down the Stbd side about a third and the worst is the net is like a wall of mesh stretching 55mtrs to the surface where the floats actually break the surface at slack water then disappears down again as the tide turns. It is a brand new net which must have only been there a few weeks or less so Please be very careful if diving this wreck or avoid completely,