Increasing Visibility Though Grey Skies At Mulberry Divers

Grey skies all day that inevitably affected underwater light. However and on the positive side, the sea got progressively flatter as the day went on.

SS Brigitta

We started with a visit to the SS Brigitta (T-Pot) where the visibility was a poor metre unfortunately. That said, the bib, topknots and single cuttlefish didn’t seem too bothered.

The Waldrens Reef

Much better conditions on The Waldrens Reef for the second dive. Visibility increased 2 to 3 metres and the usual assortment of marine life with plenty of gannets to entertain topside.

Mixon Hole

We finished with the Mixon Hole with visibility a similar 2 to 3 metres with lots of catsharks at the bottom, but no sign of the expected lumpsuckers.

In summary and given the weather we had last week, quite a good day overall!

Credit: Mulberry Divers