NDAC – National Activity and Diving Centre


The National Diving and Activity Centre, or simply 'NDAC', is an entertainment centre located to the north of Chepstow on the Welsh side of the River Severn. Alongside scuba diving, the centre offers other activities including a Freediving, Wire Zip Slide, a 3G Swing, Fly Boards, Kayaking, SUP, a Bungee Jump and Drive-In Outdoor Cinema. Complementing the site is a licensed cafe bar and changing rooms. Access to the water for scuba is via a shuttle minibuses, which can be cumbersome at times. A simple tip is to take two cylinders to the waterside, rather than transporting your whole kit back topside during the surface interval. A gas room is on site too, offering air, nitrox and trimix to 300bar. Membership is available for discounted entry and services, with the site open 5 of 7 days for scuba. It is worth checking their website for opening hours midweek.

The beauty of NDAC is the depth. Together with recreational attractions, the water can reach depths of 75m for technical training and skill refreshment. The site is a popular location for techies.


The National Diving & Activity Centre
NP16 7LH