Project Baseline Swanage Jurassic Coast Announced

Project Baseline

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) instructor intern and technical diver, José Francisco Duarte has announced his Project Baseline conservation initiative.

Project Baseline Swanage Jurassic Coast, intends to measure water temperature, collect visibility readings, conduct morphological characterisation and species identification in multiple stations around the Swanage coast. This work intends to provide a baseline reference for future analysis of the aquatic impact that the surrounding population is having on the local marine ecosystem. The team will also lead the surrounding community in marine debris collection and the removal of lost fishing gear.

Rolling it out on 16th June, José says:

Although Project Baseline is a GUE initiative, we will welcome all divers to become part of this fabulous project and help us support the conservation of the aquatic environment in the UK.

José Francisco Duarte
José Francisco Duarte

Get Involved

The project is lead by GUE divers, but is not exclusive to GUE divers. Everybody is welcome to be part of the project and the community. If you wish you get involved please initially join our Facebook Group as we will be posting the plans very soon on the group.

What Is Project Baseline?

Project Baseline is the conservation initiative of Global Underwater Explorers. It is a global, aquatic conservation initiative that leverages our global network of volunteers, collaborators and supporters to establish environmental baselines by creating a visual legacy of underwater conditions in our oceans, lakes, rivers, springs and flooded caves. By leveraging the power of community building both on and offline, we increase public awareness about the state of water now and in perpetuity. [More]

Who Are Global Underwater Explorers?

Located in High Springs, Florida, GUE is a non-profit organisation dedicated to scuba diver education, underwater exploration and conservation. The organisation has a worldwide audience providing education within recreational, technical and cave diving with a standardised approach to their diver training program. [More]