Somebody Sunk Our Battleship!

Two intrepid scuba divers from the Exeter BSAC braved the murky depths at Bicton Park Botanical Gardens at the weekend in an attempt to salvage and raise a sunken battleship.

Divers Colin Cowell and Chris Giles went to the aid of the organisers of a Boats, Cars and Steam Engines vintage model weekend being held at Bicton Park on Sunday 17th June to help raise a very expensive remote controlled battleship from the bottom of the pond. It unfortunately sank due to a collision with another vessel.

At the heady depths of 6 feet and with very silty water hampering visibility during the operation, the vessel was finally recovered from the bottom to much delight of the crowds who broke into rapturous applause and also to the delight of the owner. It is thought the owner had invested thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours building it!

The Devon based BSAC waived any salvage rights on this occasion for the free coffee on offer.

Credit: Debra Lander

Debbie Lander, fiancée of one of the divers commented:

The pond wasn’t as big as we had thought. As it was going to be a tight space, I ended up taking the photos. We are all from Exeter BSAC and are all instructors there. It was a surreal objective for the divers to add to their log books but we were more than happy to help.