South Coast Midweek Divers

We were diving out of Weymouth with Tango earlier this year over the weekend. The weather was so perfect that it was a shame to end the weekend prematurely. We were aware there were some spaces on Tango for the Monday morning and it did not take much decision making to find a B&B and stay the Sunday night. Gas refills were made that evening with Old Harbour Divers and two cracking Monday dives ensured at the HMS Landrail [+1906] followed by a cheeky scallop dive.

Midweek Diving Benefits

Speaking to Phil the skipper, akin to Swanage Boat Charters, so long as there are a minimum 6 paid divers, he will take the boat out midweek.

Here’s the twist. Every diver onboard that day was either retired, on holiday, off shift rota or worked part time. It then became a logical thought that with many divers restricted in their working life to weekends only, here is an opportunity to expand your buddy network and dive in a more relaxed manner.

The Concept

The suggestion here is that this is not a newbie find a buddy system, but a non Facebook spam moderated, private and restricted membership discussion group for UK scuba divers on the south coast who are looking for charter spaces for midweek dives. As we know, many people do not subscribe to social media platforms and so we utilise the humble email.

The Mailing List

The mailing list is run by Groups.Io, unlike Google Groups or Yahoo Groups, a powerful yet easy mailing list platform that gives the user total control of their communications.

Sign Up

How It Works

Simply use the above form, visit the South Coast Midweek Divers mailing list page and subscribe or simply send a blank subscription email to and join up. You’ll receive confirmation emails with instructions on how to post to the list, edit your details and unsubscribe if necessary. Once joined, simply find a dive trip or charter that you wish to dive and post to the group. Your email will be broadcasted to the list members and and their member can reply to your communication. Upon receipt, any recipient can reply and get in contact.

Some Links

Here are some online resources of known charters on the UK South Coast where you can find a dive: