SS War Monarch [+1918]

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Previously mis-identified as the wreck being Rydal Hall, SS War Monarch was a 7,887 ton armed merchantship built in 1918 by the Union Iron Works, San Francisco and owned at the time of loss by the The Shipping Controller.

On this same day 14th February 1918 and alongside SS Carlisle Castle, being some 11 miles east from the Royal Sovereign lighthouse, she was torpedoed without warning and sunk by submarine UB57 under the command of Johannes Lohs with three losses of:

  • Davies, Kenneth (Fireman) aged 22
  • Mitchell, Edward Charles (Second Engineer) aged 32
  • Shaw, Frederick Charles (Greaser) aged 44

Today the wreck is sitting in 35M. She is broken into three sections, the small bow area is very tight to penetrate and has given up its small and unnamed bell. However the letters WAR MON are still visible on the bow before the break.


  • Nationality: British
  • Cause Lost: Torpedo
  • Date Lost: 14/02/1918
  • Casualties: 3
  • Route: Hull - Italy
  • Cargo: Coal

Dive It

  • Minium Depth: 32M
  • Maximum Depth: 40M
  • Latitude: 50°44.926'N
  • Longitude: 00°44.667'E
  • Get There: Dive 125


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