Swanage Pier Parking and Diving Update

Here’s a parking and diving update in respect to the the engineering work being undertaken on Swanage pier and how it is going to affect divers.

The Swanage Pier Trust has received a Heritage Lottery Grant to improve and restore the pier. The work involves the replacement of 41 piles and the restoration of large timber sections, including modifications to Marine villas. Work is due to be completed by August 2018 and piling has to be completed before mid June as this is the start of the sea horse breeding season.

Diving Under The Pier

While piling is in progress, diving Monday to Friday under the pier will not be permitted. Diving under the pier will still be available during the weekend and bank holidays, but it is highly recommended checking the pier website or contacting them directly on 01929 425806 beforehand.


Parking will still be available although somewhat restricted. Every effort will be made by the pier to provide additional parking where possible. Prices are £9.00 for the whole day and £5.00 for morning or afternoon only.

Diver Fee

There has been negative feedback from some divers over the years about the £2.50 pier entry fee if divers were diving off a boat only. The good news is that the fee has been waived and is only now deemed payable if you are diving under the pier.

Proof Of Diving

Proof of diving on boats will be required for admission onto the wooden section of the pier.  A paper or electronic copy of your confirmation booking email which includes your trip details will be required to be viewed by the pier staff. If you do not have proof you will be requested to pay £1.50 per person visiter admission fee.

Pier Entry

Pedestrian admission to the pier will now begin at the entrance to the wooden section instead of the pier gates. This will allow everybody access to the new café at Marine villas free of charge. Car parking will be paid for as usual, with entry via the main gates as previous.