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  • At the heady depths of 6 feet and with very silty water hampering visibility during the operation, the vessel was finally recovered from the bottom.

  • Steve Johnson of Channel Divers has posted on Social Media in respect of a discarded trawler net that could be a danger to fellow divers. At some 50 metres to the top of the wreck, divers can appreciate the severity of the problem.

  • HMS Hermes

    The prosecutor said a “recovery book” was later discovered outlining details of items taken and money received. Further, officers also examined Ingram’s computer revealed photos of him posing with large items of wreck. People finding items from sunken ships had a lawful duty to report them to the UK Receiver of Wreck.

  • José Francisco Duarte

    Project Baseline Swanage Jurassic Coast, intends to measure water temperature, collect visibility readings, conduct morphological characterisation and species identification in multiple stations around the Swanage coast. It will provide a baseline reference for future analysis of the local marine ecosystem.

  • The work involves the replacement of 41 piles and the restoration of large timber sections, including modifications to Marine villas. Work is due to be completed by August 2018 and piling has to be completed before mid June as this is the start of the sea horse breeding season.

  • I’ve secured the vessel Viper from Swanage Boat Charters for Saturday 26th May 2018 to dive HMHS Kyarra out of Swanage. Viper is coded for 12 divers and ropes off will be at 14.45pm to dive the Kyarra on the 100th centenary anniversary of her sinking by Uboat UB57.